Fizyr: Dutch AI for Swiss machines

Fizyr is a young innovative software company with its roots in the Delft University of Technology. Using AI and machine learning, Fizyr develops software that makes nearly every robot work autonomously in nearly any situation. Because of this expertise Fizyr teamed up with Swiss machine builder BIKO to develop clever AI for an innovative laundry handling robot. A challenge much bigger and riskier than it may seem, but one that can change an industry!

Cooperation with Craeghs

During the regular meetings between Craeghs and Fizyr, this new international cooperation was discussed. Seeing the opportunity for a Eurostars subsidy, Craeghs discussed the idea with Swiss and Dutch innovation agencies Innosuisse and RVO. Once they confirmed the project could be successful, Craeghs helped by writing the Eurostars application. After the subsidy was granted, this good cooperation continued. By handling all formal obligations, both in NL and Swiss, Craeghs made sure Fizyr and BIKO were able to focus on what they do best: innovating.

Subsidy scheme: Eurostars

The Eurostars subsidy helps European companies who work together across borders in their innovative Research and Development (R&D) projects by reducing the risk of innovation. The Eurostars subsidy supports innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs), making it one of the more accessible European innovation subsidies.

Find out more?

Icoon DoelwitCraeghs Consultancy has a lot of experience in Eurostars applications and is always looking out for new opportunities to find a suitable Eurostars program for our clients. If you are working an R&D project with a European partner, Eurostars might be right for you. Feel free to contact us for non-binding advice on how you could use Eurostars to make your joint European project possible. You can contact us on +31 (0)10 – 243 06 53 or by sending us an email on

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